Turning Airtable into your Webflow CMS with the Nobull Airtable App

I had a look at Nobull, a new Airtable App that allows you to manage your Webflow CMS from inside of Airtable. I went over the most basic use case which is sending data from Webflow to Airtable and vice versa to see how easy or hard it is to set up.

How to use Airtable as your Webflow CMS without Zapier | First Look at the Nobull Airtable App đź‘€

Has the Airtable to Webflow Sync just gotten a lot simpler? I took a look at Nobull with a brand new Airtable app created by Finsweet to see how easy or hard it to control your Webflow CMS from inside of Airtable using the Nobull syncing.

I started off with the most basics by sending Webflow Data to Airtable and then send updated Airtable Data back to Webflow, and let's put it this way... it is going to be a game-changer.



00:00 Overview
01:05 What is Nobull?
03:01 Webflow to Airtable Sync
08:00 Airtable to Webflow Sync
11:35 Why Nobull is good?
13:00 What needs improvement

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