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Growth Marketer, No Code Specialist


What I do


I help my clients grow their businesses by making their brand more visible to potential customers online.

In buzzword speak - I am a growth marketer. In plain english - I help businesses with their online marketing and website optimisation. My work helps businesses attract new clients/customers, deliver a better customer experience and be more strategic about their marketing.

Specifically, I specialise in:

  • Facebook advertising - allowing you to find customers anywhere in the world.
  • Web User Experience - making it as easy as possibile for someone to use your website.
  • Workflow Automation - helping you manage increases in customers with automated workflows


About Me

I am currently a freelance digital marketing consultant helping businesses all over the world develop and implement digital product and marketing strategies. I started my career in marketing working for startups and established companies in Wellington, New Zealand.

I also founded Unicorn Factory, a directory that allows Kiwi businesses to find and hire local freelancers specialised in design, marketing and software development. My goal is to make it easy to hire talent for specific projects that will grow your business.

My mission is to empower people to create great businesses and deliver impactful product and services. I contribute to their success through my years of experience in digital marketing and tech.

My ideal are small medium enterprises that are already making sales, but are looking for growth and more predictable ways to make revenue.

2014 -

Digital Marketing Consultant

New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom
2015 -


Wellington, New Zealand
2017 - 2020

Co - Founder (SOLD)

Wellington, New Zealand
2016 - 2017

Head of Growth

Wellington, New Zealand

Head of Sales & Marketing

Wellington, New Zealand


"He just makes stuff happen. Not just did he help us on a strategic level. He also managed the technical implementation of our plan. Highly recommend."


What I do for work...


Facebook advertising is the most effective channel to find and attract new customers anywhere in the world. I specialise in the technical side of paid client acquisition through Facebook.


No coding platforms are an awesome way to connect your marketing and design team to the action without sucking up resources from developers. A tool used frequently is Webflow. The website builder that I used to make this here (without coding).


When working smaller teams or founders who want to run their operations quite lean, they need to allocate their time towards high return activities. I free up that up time by mapping out workflows and automating the process.


Before every new client engagement I run strategy workshops to 1) what activities and strategies are in place right now, 2) what competitors are out there and what they are doing and 3) what the opportunities and risk are from a marketing and sales perspective. These workshops are a great way to build a framework that the team can use to make decisions.


Another service that has been in high demand over the last few years is to help my clients find great freelancers to allow them to scale their business without having to take on full time employees. As the founder of Unicorn Factory, I make it easy to connect my clients to the best fit freelancers for their project.

Hire local freelancers


I am always available to be a speaker at your event. In the past I have given seminar and presentations that are in the digital marketing, Coworking and No Code Space.


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