I help ideas people build online businesses with no-code tools

For anyone wanting to know more about what I am working on and how you can start working on your own lifestyle business (even as a hobby)

Learn how to build online-businesses through a series of tutorials and courses

I help people create marketplaces and directories using no-code tools through free tutorials, courses and coaching programs.

stripe payment marketplace series
thumbnail of youtube video about the 10k cms webflow limit

Learn how to build with a series of free no-code tutorials

Besides running my own coaching business, I also create a bunch of free tutorials for anyone just getting started in no-code

How I created NZ's largest freelancer marketplace without developers

My no-code journey started by creating Unicorn Factory, a freelancer marketplace in New Zealand created entirely with no-code tools.

a screenshot of unicorn factory, new zealand's largest freelancer marketplace

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🚀 6 Tips for Building Webflow Sites More Efficiently

Discover the secrets to enhancing your Webflow design process with these 6 essential tips! In this video, we'll walk you through time-saving techniques, productivity-boosting hacks, and valuable strategies to help you build Webflow sites more efficiently. From style guides to on-page optimization, these expertly-crafted tips will empower you to work smarter, create beautiful and responsive websites faster, and take your Webflow skills to new heights. Don't miss out on unlocking your full Webflow potential – tune in now to elevate your website-building experience!

Supercharge Your Webflow Landing Pages: Creating Custom Open Graph Images with Placid (Part 3)

Join us for the final installment of our series as we explore the creation of custom open graph images for each landing page. In Part 3, we'll use Placid to automatically generate visually appealing open graph images with custom screenshots and text. Enhance your website's social media presence and elevate your landing pages with these custom images. Complete your automation journey and unlock your website's full potential with this innovative workflow.

Supercharge Your Webflow Landing Pages: Automatically Updating Webflow CMS Items (Part 2)

Continue your automation journey with Part 2 of our series! In this video, we'll guide you through setting up a workflow that automatically updates Webflow CMS items whenever any of your titles have been created or updated. We'll use Airtable Automations to trigger a make.com workflow that seamlessly updates your Webflow items. Streamline your website-building process and keep your landing pages up-to-date with this powerful workflow.

Supercharge Your Webflow Landing Pages: Automated Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and More (Part 1)

Discover how to optimize your landing pages with automated workflows! In Part 1, we'll explore how to use OpenAI's GPT-4 language model to automatically generate SEO-optimized Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, H1 and H2 headings for your landing pages. Enhance your website's search engine visibility and boost your SEO efforts with these powerful techniques.

Hide or Show Elements on Webflow Membership Sites with Memberstack 2.0

The guide covers setting up Div blocks for logged-in and logged-out users, applying data attributes using Memberstack, extending the application of data attributes to additional elements, and testing the functionality by logging out and visiting the profile page. Mastering these techniques not only helps protect valuable content but also enhances user experience by tailoring content based on login status.

Introducing Relume Ipsum: Revolutionize Your Web Design Process with AI-Generated Copy

Ready to take your web design game to the next level? Discover how Relume Ipsum's AI-powered plugin can revolutionize your content creation process. Read our blog post now!