I help ideas people build online businesses with no-code tools

For anyone wanting to know more about what I am working on and how you can start working on your own lifestyle business (even as a hobby)

Learn how to build online-businesses through a series of tutorials and courses

I help people create marketplaces and directories using no-code tools through free tutorials, courses and coaching programs.

stripe payment marketplace series
thumbnail of youtube video about the 10k cms webflow limit

Learn how to build with a series of free no-code tutorials

Besides running my own coaching business, I also create a bunch of free tutorials for anyone just getting started in no-code

How I created NZ's largest freelancer marketplace without developers

My no-code journey started by creating Unicorn Factory, a freelancer marketplace in New Zealand created entirely with no-code tools.

a screenshot of unicorn factory, new zealand's largest freelancer marketplace

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Introducing Relume Ipsum: Revolutionize Your Web Design Process with AI-Generated Copy

Ready to take your web design game to the next level? Discover how Relume Ipsum's AI-powered plugin can revolutionize your content creation process. Read our blog post now!

Webflow SEO Hack: Convert Your CMS Images to WebP

In August, Webflow added an internal compression tool that allows you to convert images to the webP filetype for improved web performance. While this feature is available for static images, it is not yet available for CMS images. Luckily, a solution to this problem is converting your CMS images to WebP.

How to Fix Common Webflow Performance Issues with Lighthouse

Are you experiencing performance issues on your Webflow site? Lighthouse can help you identify and fix common problems such as slow loading times, poor server response, and lack of caching. Learn how to use Lighthouse to improve your Webflow site's performance and enhance the user experience.

Building a Cover Letter Generation App with Wized, GPT-3, and Webflow

I'll show you how I used the power of GPT-3 by OpenAI, @Wized and Webflow to create an app that generates custom cover letters for job listings. If you are looking for GPT-3 business ideas, feel free to use the same process to set up your own site.

Optimizing Webflow Designs Using Line Clamping

Using line clamps in Webflow allows for the creation of visually appealing layouts by limiting the number of lines of text displayed within an element.

We are closing down Code Meets No-Code!

We have been discussing the future of codemeetsnocode.com and have both decided that we don't have the capacity to invest the time and energy that it would take Code Meets No-Code to the next level amongst all the other things that we have going on. As a member of the site, you will get lifetime access to all of the courses and code that were part of Code Meets No-Code.