Connor Finlayson

No CoDE Consultant and founder of Unicorn Factory

Kia Ora. My name is Connor. I am a No Code Consultant from Wellington, New Zealand. I teach non-technical entrepreneurs all over the world how to build and grow their own online businesses from scratch using No Code tools.

I am also the founder of Unicorn Factory, NZ's largest freelancer community. Unicorn Factory makes it easy for Kiwi businesses to find and hire local freelancers in their area.


No Code Masterclass

The No Code Masterclass is a series of online videos created for anyone wanting to dive into the world of No Code all the way to season No Code pros looking to take their projects to the next level. Check out the two free tutorials below.


How to build a marketplace without code

This tutorial is a great intro for anyone new to the No Code World. It's shows you what tools are used and some examples of specific workflows that are implemented. If this is your first encounter with No Code watch this video. I presented this at the No Code Conference in San Francisco in November 2019

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How to build a freelancer ranking system

This tutorial shows you some more advanced tools and workflows. This purpose of the Freelancer Ranking System was to distribute how often freelancers displayed on the homepage more evenly. It does so by pulling in daily page views from Google Analytics and syncing the data between Webflow and Airtable using a tool called Parabola.

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Ready to build your own marketplace?

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No COde Mastermind

The No Code Mastermind is a ten week intensive bootcamp where I help entrepreneurs take their ideas and turn them into No Code platforms. I guide them through process while they build it all themselves.


Emma came to me with an idea for a platform that would allow people to easily create a will online. One thing that was important to her was to build it herself, so she had more control over the creative process. After ten weeks, she built this...



Ryan and I started House Sitting NZ together when we flatted together a few years ago. This was one of the first No Code platforms I worked on, and was a really great way to find free places to live in. Ryan bought the company off me a few months ago and now runs the entire business.



Unicorn Factory is a freelancer marketplace built with No Code platforms. We have over 350 Kiwi freelancers on the platform and Unicorn Factory will be launching in Canada this year.


Marketing consulting

My background is in digital marketing which is also a huge component of my No Code training. I specialise in Facebook Ads, but am usually very involved in Strategy.








21C Skills lab


I do speaking gigs, facilitate talks and also do interviews. If you want me to do either, please feel free to get in touch.

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