Hi, I'm Connor Finlayson. I help aspiring entrepreneurs build online businesses with no-code tools.

I'm known for starting Unicorn Factory, New Zealand's largest freelancer marketplace, and my YouTube channel where I teach people to build online businesses with no-code tools. I live in Ottawa, Canada, where I build small internet businesses, create content, and am currently training for my first marathon. My journey began right out of university, and despite early setbacks, I found success through no-code tools and a passion for helping others launch their ventures.

connor finlayson

My Story

I started working for myself right out of university, diving headfirst into the startup world. I joined an accelerator program for my first startup, Hatcher. Unfortunately, the startup didn't take off, and I ended up burning through my savings, feeling completely burned out.

After taking some time off, I decided to try freelancing. I began by helping businesses create Facebook ads. One of the frequent requests from my clients was for landing pages. I struggled with WordPress and coding, but then I discovered Webflow. It was a game-changer. As a non-developer, I quickly learned how to spin up landing pages for marketing campaigns, and I was hooked.

I decided to combine my new skills with my passion for helping freelancers. That’s how Unicorn Factory was born—a freelancer marketplace where I could practice my Webflow skills and help my Facebook ads business find more clients. Unicorn Factory started small, with just 8 freelancers, but soon grew to about 50.

My big break came when I was invited to speak at the first-ever Webflow Conference. Sharing my experience of creating Unicorn Factory with no-code tools was a pivotal moment. After returning from San Francisco, I decided to pivot my focus from Facebook ads to helping people build their MVPs using no-code tools.

To share what I was learning, I started a YouTube channel. It grew quickly, reaching over 10k subscribers in just 13 months. I also began consulting through my mastermind and courses, helping others turn their ideas into reality.

Today, I split my time between working on my courses, creating content, and helping first-time founders build their SaaS apps with no-code tools. Living in Ottawa, Canada, I also make time for training for my first marathon. It's been an incredible journey, and I'm excited to keep pushing forward.

My Current Interests

I love using AI and no-code tools to help solo founders create powerful online platforms. Supporting other founders has led to a global community of solopreneurs. Currently, I'm training for my first marathon, which has been a journey of discipline and self-discovery. I'm also focused on building my personal brand on YouTube, believing it's the best way to future-proof my career and inspire others.

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Using AI and No-Code to Build Online Platforms

I love building things. AI and No-Code have lowered the barrier for solo founders to compete with heavily funded startups.

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Building One-Person Businesses

I love supporting other founders, and over the years, our students have become peers, creating a global community of solopreneurs.

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Training For My First Marathon In May

Training for my first marathon, set for the end of May, has been an incredible journey of discipline and self-discovery.

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Building A Personal Brand Through Youtube

Building my personal brand on YouTube, I believe personal brands are the best hedge for the future.

The Businesses I've Built and What I've Learned

Over the years, I've started several businesses, each with its own unique story and lessons. From Hatcher, a food deals and gigs app that failed, to Unicorn Factory, New Zealand's largest freelancer marketplace, my journey has been filled with challenges and successes. I've also explored house-sitting directories, e-commerce, YouTube content creation, and educational platforms. Each venture has shaped my approach and passion for helping others build their online businesses using no-code tools. Here’s a look at my entrepreneurial path and the insights I've gained along the way.

2018 - Hatcher

Failed: Bad Business Model

Tinder for food deals and gigs in New Zealand. Started straight out of university with a team of 4, but failed after 2 years due to a bad business model and running out of money.

2020 - Housesitting NZ

Sold: Lack of passion

Directory for finding local housesitters in New Zealand. Partnered with a friend, but sold my share after 6 months due to lack of passion. It was a great learning experience for building marketplaces.

2020 - Unicorn Factory NZ


Freelancer marketplace in New Zealand. Initially a way to promote my freelancing services, it has grown into NZ's largest freelancer marketplace, generating six figures annually with minimal weekly work.

2021 - We Love Local

Sold: Move to Canada

E-commerce store curating locally made products in gift boxes. Started with my partner and sold after a year and a half. The business now turns over seven figures annually.

2022 - YouTube

Active: Currently taking a break

Launched a channel teaching no-code tools for building online businesses. Currently taking a break.

2022 - MVMP


Mastermind and course community helping people build marketplaces with no-code tools. Have assisted over 100 founders in building their MVPs or consulting on their sites.

2023 - codemeetsnocode.com

Failed: Founder Disagreement

E-learning platform for learning Airtable scripts and automations. Closed due to co-founder disagreements.