Learn How To Build A Marketplace Business Without Code in 12 Weeks

Join the MVMP Launchpad, a 12-week coaching program designed to help you launch your marketplace without coding. Get personalized coaching, a custom roadmap, and access to no-code tools and templates.

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Have An Idea For A Marketplace Business But Struggling To Get Going?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of turning your marketplace idea into reality? You're not alone. Many aspiring founders face these common challenges:

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Too Expensive to Hire Developers

You could hire developers, but that will set you back big time financially.

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Too Time Consuming to Learn How to Code

You could learn how to code, but how long will that take?

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You Are Idea Is Too New To Raise Money

Your idea is not validated enough to raise money for investors

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You Have No Clear Plan Of Attack

You have watched all the tutorials but you still don’t know where to start

You Are Not Alone... I Have Been There.

Hi, I'm Connor. I know firsthand how daunting it can be to turn a marketplace idea into reality. Coming from a marketing background with no coding knowledge, I felt completely out of my depth. I knew how to run paid ads and launch new products, but creating those online products seemed impossible.

Everything changed when I discovered no-code tools. I spent weeks devouring YouTube tutorials, blog posts, and community forums. Through persistence, I built the first version of Unicorn Factory.

Today, Unicorn Factory is New Zealand's largest marketplace, generating six figures annually and requiring just 3-4 hours a week to manage. Along the way, I’ve learned invaluable lessons. Now, I help founders like you, with no coding background, get their marketplace businesses off the ground.

If I can do it, so can you. With the MVMP Mastermind, you'll have the guidance and resources you need to succeed.

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MVMP Mastermind

From Idea to Launch: Join Our 12-Week Marketplace Mastermind!

The MVMP Mastermind program is designed to help non-technical founders turn their marketplace ideas into live, revenue-generating platforms. Through personalized coaching, access to no-code tools, and a supportive community, you'll overcome the hurdles of high development costs, complex coding, and limited capital.

Screenshot of a project management interface titled 'MVMP' showing a list of tasks organized under the 'Business' category. Tasks include creating assets for runners such as a landing page, customer canvas, and pitch deck, as well as developing revenue models. Each task is detailed with descriptions of requirements and objectives for user engagement and business strategy.

Personalized Roadmap

I will work with you to develop a customized roadmap for you and your business

Image of two individuals engaged in a video call, one with a background of whimsical seafaring wallpaper and the other in a workspace with a microphone and monitor visible.

Weekly Mentorship

We will jump on weekly check-in calls to go over what is working and what the goal is the next week

Screenshot of an online course platform interface showing a tutorial video about editing the profile CMS collection. A sidebar navigation on the left and several active editing options are visible, indicating an educational or training web environment.

Playbooks & Templates

You will get access to all courses, templates and playbooks now and in the future.

Screenshot of a tech support chat within a software interface where users are discussing the meaning of '2 instances' in a component created by a colleague and how to change a dynamic field with a lock icon. The chat includes a user thanking another for their help and asking additional questions. The interface shows a list of chat channels on the left, and the main chat window on the right with timestamps and user messages.

Community Support

You will get access to our founders-only MVMP marketplace Slack channel where you connect with other founders.

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"Connor’s MVMP Course is the best and most practical no-code crash course I’ve come across. It wasn’t just an amazing help for building my no-code marketplace but the coaching sessions with Connor have been a huge help with my overall business model and my journey and mindset as a founder. Easily one of the best investments I’ve made in myself!"


Founder & CEO, Rivuuz

What You'll Learn in 12 Weeks

Plan, Design, Build, Launch

Each plan will be designed custom to your skills and your business. Over the course of 12 weeks, we will not just teach you how to use different no-code tools, but give you the tools to go above and beyond long after we are done working together.

See here some of the content pillars that we will cover:

Planning & Roadmap

- Develop Your Game Plan: Create a comprehensive roadmap tailored to your marketplace idea.
- Set Clear Milestones: Establish clear objectives and milestones for the next 12 weeks.

The image provided is too small and cropped to make out any content.

Design & Build

- Build Engaging Landing Pages: Learn how to design and create effective landing pages using Webflow.
- Automate Daily Tasks: Use Make.com to automate operations and streamline your processes.
- Create User Portals: Develop user portals and client management tools with Glide.

Automate & Document

- Build Scalable Databases: Use Airtable to create and manage efficient, scalable databases.
- Organize Your Data: Learn best practices for data organization and management.

Launch & Growth

- Attract Customers and Suppliers: Develop strategies to attract and retain users for your marketplace.
- Execute a Successful Launch: Plan and execute a launch strategy to get your marketplace off the ground.

A cheerful man with glasses wearing a dark t-shirt with the 'dwellcome' logo smiling against a grey background.
"Absolutely the best no-code course I've taken. It's comprehensive, tackling real world marketplace solutions. The best part is the tutorials are always updated for new features. Aside from the curriculum, the support and community is outstanding."


CEO, dwellcome

Our Founders

Real Founders, Real Results

See how the MVMP Mastermind program has helped other founders turn their marketplace ideas into successful businesses.

Screenshot of TutorLyft homepage with a headline 'Excel academically with Canada's top tutors' and a call-to-action button that says 'Search'. Two individuals, possibly tutors, are displayed against a background of colorful abstract shapes. One person is wearing a brown blazer and has curly hair, while the other is smiling and wearing a yellow t-shirt. There is a dropdown menu to 'Select a Subject' and 'Select a Level', emphasizing the site's focus on offering tutoring services.

Omar: Tutorlyft

Omar used the MVMP Mastermind program to build Tutorlyft, a marketplace connecting students with tutors. Within months, he attracted a large user base and achieved significant revenue.
Banner image featuring a construction worker kneeling while measuring floor tiles, part of a website promoting a service that facilitates the homebuilding process.

Michelle: Rivuuz

Michelle created Rivuuz, a platform for discovering local services, with the help of our program. She successfully launched her marketplace and now serves a growing community of users.
Homepage of TOWNHOUSES.NZ website showcasing the banner 'Where Kiwis Find Townhouses' with a call-to-action button 'Browse Townhouses'. Below are listings of townhouses for sale in Auckland with tags indicating 'Construction' and 'Complete' and images of various townhouse designs.

Alex: Townhouses NZ

Alex built Townhouses NZ, a marketplace for finding townhouses in New Zealand. With our guidance, he transformed his idea into a thriving business and continues to expand his reach.
A woman with shoulder-length dark hair and bangs, wearing a white t-shirt and a brown coat, smiling gently at the camera with a yellow wall in the background.
"Connor has been the biggest help and is so open to sharing everything he knows. I've joined so many courses and groups and this is the first one where people actually learn together and the material we're given is clear and concise. He puts so much work into every course and it shows."


Founder, Consortium Studio


All your questions are best answered on the discovery call, but here are some commonly asked questions about the coaching:

What tools are covered in the coaching program? What courses do I get access to?

The coaching program covers no-code tools such as Webflow, Airtable, Make.com, and Glide. You will have access to courses on building online businesses and MVPs using these tools.

I want to rebuild my existing marketplace, is this a good fit?

Yes, the program is suitable for rebuilding existing marketplaces. It provides guidance on enhancing functionality, design, and user experience using no-code tools.

How much does it cost? Do you offer payment plans?

The cost of the coaching program varies based on the level of support and duration. On the low-end the coaching costs $5k and scale up to $15k. We do offer payment plans in certain circumstances.

Is the 1:1 coaching with Connor? What other coaches are available?

Yes, the 1:1 coaching is primarily with Connor Finlayson. Additionally, there are other experienced coaches available to provide specialized support in different areas of no-code development.

What happens when the coaching is done? Do I still have access to everything?

After the coaching period ends, you will retain access to all course materials and resources. You can continue to benefit from the community and any future updates to the course content.

Still have questions?

Schedule a call or send me an email.

You are a few steps away from it no longer being just an idea...

Even if you are not 100% if a 1:1 coaching program is for you or whether this is something you are ready to fully commit to, schedule a call with me to discuss your marketplace idea.

🌱 Pre-launch: Build Momentum

Start building momentum with your pre-launch landing page

Screenshot of the Unicorn Factory homepage featuring a promotion to 'Hire New Zealand's best freelancers' with a cheerful man smiling on the right and call-to-action buttons to post a job or browse freelancers.

Learn how to build your customer and supplier base before building your MVP

Start building momentum for your marketplace by allowing customers to sign up to your site while you build your MVP.

1️⃣ Build your landing page in Webflow

You will learn how to structure and style your landing page in Webflow, update the content and get it ready to share with potential customers and suppliers.

2️⃣ Build a customer lead gen process

You will learn how to build a customer enquiry process so you can start generating demand for your services while you are building your MVP.

3️⃣ Build a supplier waitlist

Start getting suppliers to sign up to your platform so you have a solid supplier base before you even launch your business and while you build your MVP.

Once your landing page is up, it's time to...👇

Build the first version of your marketplace

Learn how to build the essential features for your online marketplace

Start creating the most essential features for your no-code marketplace and start scaling your site

4️⃣ Build supplier profile pages

In this module, you will learn how to build supplier profile pages on your website so that clients can find those suppliers and reach out to them.

5️⃣ Build your listing and category pages

Next, you will build your listing and category pages that will make it easy for customers to navigate on your website and to find the right supplier for their needs. This will also help you develop strong SEO for your marketplace.

6️⃣ Build your lead generation workflow

In this workflow, we are going to be building the workflow that automatically forwards leads and inquiries to your suppliers. This is the most important workflow for generating value in your marketplace.

7️⃣ Set up your supplier onboarding process

In this workflow, we are going to be setting up an onboarding process that allows you to easily onboard new suppliers to your website whenever they apply without you having to manually add them to Webflow and all your other databases.

8️⃣ Early adopter membership workflows

In this workflow, we are going to be setting up a membership that your early members can sign up to in order to get access to special perks or discounts and for you to monetize your marketplace. 

A screenshot of Connor Finlayson's freelance profile on Unicorn Factory, describing him as a No-Code App Developer from Wellington, offering information about his services, availability, and featuring a section of his portfolio with images of web projects and a video testimony.
To help you get your site live faster, you will...👇
💥 MVMP template

Get a copy of the MVMP marketplace template

The MVMP marketplace template is a Webflow template that we will send you to that you can use to get your site live faster...

Screenshot of a supplier listing page with a 'Logo' at the top left, navigation bar with options such as Directory, Gallery, Pricing, and a Sign-In button. The main section titled 'All Suppliers' is followed by placeholder text with three circular portrait cards labeled 'Bab Davies - Entrepreneur', 'Ipsa - Property Manager', and 'Hic Quidem - Shoe Maker'. A sidebar on the left shows filter options for search, availability, job type, and rate.
Once your MVP is live, you can...👇
🤖 Grow: Advanced marketplace workflows

Take your marketplace to the next level with more features

Screenshot of the Unicorn Factory website's user dashboard displaying analytics. The page shows a navigation menu on the left side with options such as Announcements, Job Board, and Analytics, and features several analytics cards on the right indicating Profile Visits, Direct Profile Enquiries, Job Board Intros, Job Board Notifications, Total Leads, Portfolio Link Clicks, and LinkedIn Link Clicks with their respective numerical data.

Build more advanced and scalable workflows with a variety of no-code tools

As soon as your website is live and you are starting to create transactions you can build more advanced workflows like these

🔒 Build a client / supplier dashboard

You will learn how to build a dashboard for your suppliers or your clients that they can log into and update the information with. You will also be able to add gated content that is only accessible to your clients or suppliers.  

🔍 Build advanced listing pages with search and filtering

Take your listing pages to the next level by including search and filtering functionality. We will be working with third-party tools in order to create it.

✉️ Set up marketing and transactional emails

Automate communications with your suppliers and customers by simply setting up transactional and marketing email campaigns that automatically run in the background.

📣 Paid ads & SEO strategies for online marketplaces

Learn how to scale up the volume of transactions, suppliers, signups and new customers on your site by using paid ads and SEO strategies.

♻️ Database syncing and advanced data management

Learn how to ensure that databases in your marketplace stay in sync at all times by learning some new no-code tools like Integromat or Parabola.

👤 Advanced user accounts

Learn how to build more advanced user functionality by adding different types of memberships and adding more advanced features.

Now, it' your turn...

🌱 Pre-launch

Create a landing page for your marketplace idea, generate interests from suppliers and customers.

1️⃣ Build your landing page
2️⃣ Customer Lead Gen Process
3️⃣ Supplier waitlist workflows

Build the MVP for your marketplace using Webflow, Airtable, Zapier and other no-code tools

Everything in 🌱Pre-launch
4️⃣ User Profiles
5️⃣ Listing and category pages
6️⃣ Lead Generation Workflow
7️⃣ Supplier Onboarding Process
8️⃣ Early-adopter memberships
💥 MVMP Template
💬 Chat support
💥 Mastermind

Get the course and template and personal coaching support from Connor in your first year

Everything in 🚀 MVMP
⚡️ 60 min kick-off strategy and goal setting with Connor
🌿 3 month intensive 1-on-1 coaching (will be discussed on call)
☎️ Priority support
🤖 Free access to our directory of tutorial series

Join a community of no-code marketplace founders!

Screenshot of a professional services directory interface showing profiles of local professionals named Conrad Phiri, Jancken Kamwanga, Derek Mundia, Selisho Chanda, Abel Phiri, Jonathan Maliki, Brian Nyirenda, and Elaine Mwanza, each accompanied by profile photos, their job titles such as builder, furniture-maker, contractor, electrician, and plumber, and their respective customer review ratings.

Rivuuz from Lusaka, Zambia

Art By Locals Thumbnail

Art By Locals from Alberta, Canada

Screenshot of a neighborhood exploration website interface featuring a navigational sidebar, a main banner with the text 'Start Exploring Your Neighbourhood,' suggested categories for users, and a scrolling selection of suburb images with names like Upper Hutt, Wellington, and Lower Hutt, promoting local discovery.

Neighbourhoods from Wellington, New Zealand

A screenshot of an online map search interface for preschools in Christchurch, New Zealand, with various location markers indicating the positions of different preschools on the map. The interface also includes listings for The Cathedral Grammar School Pre-School, St Margaret's Pre-school, and Learning Curves Montessori Abberley Park with brief details and an option to read more about each school.

Mucki from Christchurch, New Zealand

Screenshot of a charity website's 'All Charities' page, showcasing various charitable organizations with brief descriptions and representative images for each, including a man with a child for 'YelloHalo', a coastal scene for 'Keep New Zealand Beautiful', a group of people in safety vests for 'Matea Trust', and additional charity logos and images.

Chive from Wanaka, New Zealand

Homepage of Unicorn Factory, a New Zealand freelancer platform, featuring a smiling man and sections for posting jobs, browsing freelancers, and popular freelance services like 'Illustrations,' 'Copywriting,' and 'Graphic Design.'

Unicorn Factory from Ottawa, Canada

Questions & Answers

Can't find the answer here? Contact us

What tools do you teach?

In the first few modules, we are going to be focusing exclusively on Webflow and Airtable. Over time we will be adding more tools to the mix like Zapier, Integromat and Memberstack. As we head into more advanced workflows, you will also learn about Parabola and other very use-case-specific tools.

Do I need any experience with no-code or code?

No. This program is designed for anyone who is starting from scratch. If you do come from a Web Design or Webflow background, it will definitely help speed up the process of getting familiar with some of the tools. But it is absolutely not a requirement to get started. A lot of our students have started from scratch and have done well.

Do you offer a free trial?

Because we send you assets we don’t offer a free trial but if you want to get a feel of the types of tutorials and content that you can expect from the course, check out my YouTube channel where I create a whole bunch of free videos.

How do I know if my marketplace will work with your stack?

There are definitely limitations with some of the no-code tools that I use but the most important thing to understand is that regardless of the type of functionality you are looking for, this is going to be the fastest way to get a marketplace up and running and validated. And if you get your marketplace to the point where it’s generating enough transactions and enough new customers then you can always shift over to a spec that is more suitable to your needs.

Do you just sell the MVMP template?

At this stage, we are not selling only the MVMP template. We may reconsider this in the future and if we do we will get in touch with you through email.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Depending on how much time and effort you put into it, it will take anything between 1 and 2 months to complete the landing page section on the course. And building out the entire MVP can take anything between 2 to 3 months depending on how much time you invest in building your site. Overall, this course is designed to work at your pace and fit into your schedule so it’s really up to you. 

Can I do the course part-time?

Yes! There are a lot of people who run their online marketplaces while also doing a full-time job so there is no pressure to give up anything. In fact, I highly recommend considering starting off with this on the side and then building it up to a full-time thing. But that is absolutely up to you.