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How to build a marketplace without code

Learn how I created New Zealand's largest freelancer marketplace Unicorn Factory without funding, without developers and without knowing how to code 👇

connor finlayson

👋 Hi I'm Connor

I am the founder of Unicorn Factory, which happens to be New Zealand's largest freelancer marketplace.

I created Unicorn Factory from scratch without hiring developers, without raising money from investors and without knowing how to code.

I want to help you get your business up and running in the same way, so check out my YouTube channel and my free webinar and I look forward to working with you.

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What students are saying 🤩

I actually can’t believe how far Chive has come in a year. From an idea to a platform of 7,000 users, all with #nocode.  And we just getting started. If you’ve got an idea, go build it and see where you are in 12 months. You’ll be amazed 🚀

Stephen Johnson Thumbnail
Stephen Johnson
Co-Founder of Chive Charities

I chose no-code because I wanted to be able to build and iterate quickly....and also have full control of the tech as a tech dummy...and no code allows me to just just that and a lot more

Michelle Chimuka Profile
Michelle Chimuka
Founder of Rivuuz

Having the ability to build a MVP from initial concept to a working product and getting your first paying customers without the need to hire a developer or invest large amounts of capital is what makes working no-code tools every founders most powerful resource.

Alex Siale
Founder of Neighbourhoods