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Introducing Relume Ipsum: Revolutionize Your Web Design Process with AI-Generated Copy

Ready to take your web design game to the next level? Discover how Relume Ipsum's AI-powered plugin can revolutionize your content creation process. Read our blog post now!

March 21, 2023

Creating compelling copy for your website or landing pages can be a daunting task. But what if there was a tool that could make it a breeze? Introducing Relume Ipsum, a Figma plugin that uses AI to generate copy for your designs. In this blog post, we will explore how this game-changing tool can streamline your design process and make crafting engaging copy more straightforward than ever.

Getting Started with Relume Ipsum

Installing the Plugin in Figma

To begin using Relume Ipsum, you must install the plugin in Figma. Search "Relume Ipsum" in the plugin section and click "Install." Once installed, the plugin will be available in your Figma projects.

Using Relume's Playground Files for Testing

If you need to get your own Figma files or want to test the plugin before using it in your projects, Relume has created a set of playground files to experiment with. These files include a pre-built website template that allows you to see how the plugin works with various design elements and layouts.

Generating Copy for an Entire Landing Page

Adding Company Name and Description

To generate copy for your entire landing page, select the desired frame in your Figma project. Then, open the Relume Ipsum plugin and input your company name and a brief description. You can either use a real company description or, for this tutorial, use an AI-generated fictional company.

Using AI-Generated Information for a Fictional Company

For example, we will use a fictional FinTech company that uses AI to help people save money. We will input this information in the company description field and let the AI generate a suitable company name and description for our landing page.

Generating Copy and Observing the AI-Created Content

Once you have input your company information, click "Generate Copy." The plugin will use AI to generate copy for your entire landing page based on the information provided. As you review the generated copy, you will see how the AI has intelligently crafted headlines, subheadings, testimonials, and more based on your company's unique selling points and target audience.

Refining the Generated Copy

Generating Copy for Specific Frames or Sections

If you want to update or generate new copy for a specific frame or section within your landing page, simply select that frame and click "Generate Copy" in the Relume Ipsum plugin. The AI will update the copy only for the selected section, allowing you to iterate and refine your content quickly.

Updating Individual Text Elements

You can also update individual text elements within your design. To do this, select the desired text element and click "Generate Copy" in the Relume Ipsum plugin. The AI will generate new copy specifically for that element, making it easy to experiment with different headlines or subheadings.

Iterating Through Different Types of Copy

Using the plugin, you can quickly iterate through various types of copy for your design elements. This allows you to test different headlines, subheadings, and other text elements until you find the perfect combination that aligns with your brand and messaging.

Finalising Your Web Design with AI-Generated Copy

Once you've experimented with different types of copy and refined your content, it's time to finalise your web design. With the help of Relume Ipsum, you have saved valuable time and effort by allowing AI to generate engaging copy that aligns with your brand and target audience.

Benefits of Using Relume Ipsum for Web Design

Relume Ipsum offers several key benefits for web designers, including:

  1. Efficient Content Creation: By leveraging AI to generate copy, you can focus on the visual aspects of your design without getting bogged down in content creation. This results in a more efficient and streamlined design process.
  2. Consistent Messaging: Relume Ipsum ensures that your copy is cohesive and consistent across your entire landing page, from headlines to testimonials. This allows you to create a unified brand message that resonates with your target audience.
  3. Easy Iteration: The plugin makes it simple to iterate through different types of copy and refine your content as needed. This enables you to find the perfect combination of copy and design elements that align with your brand and messaging goals.
  4. Improved Collaboration: Relume Ipsum's AI-generated copy simplifies sharing your designs with clients or colleagues. This makes it easier to gather feedback and make necessary changes to your design and content.


Relume Ipsum is a game-changing tool that revolutionises the web design process by harnessing the power of AI to generate copy. By using this plugin, you can streamline your design workflow, save time, and create engaging, consistent content for your landing pages and websites. Give Relume Ipsum a try and see how it can transform your web design process.

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