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7 Useful Chrome Extensions for Webflow, Airtable & Zapier

What are the best Chrome extensions to use when working in Webflow, Airtable, and Zapier?

May 5, 2021

Everyone loves a good chrome extension. In this video I reviewed a bunch of Chrome extensions designed specifically for Webflow, Airtable, and Zapier and check out how they can help us improve our day-to-day workflows:

Webflow Color Picker Tool

The Webflow Color Picker is the Chrome extension built by Webflow. This chrome extension allows you to use the eye dropper inside of Webflow. If you are already using a color picker tool, you might not need the Webflow Color Picker but if not, it is a nice handy tool to have in your arsenal.

Airtable Web Clipper

The Airtable Web Clipper allows you to fill out Airtable tables directly from the website you are visiting. Especially when you are curating lists for directories or marketplaces, it can incredibly tedious switching back and forth between different tabs. The Airtable Web Clipper solves this problem.

Push by Zapier

Push by Zapier is similar to the Airtable Web Clipper in a lot of ways. It allows you trigger workflows from inside your browser and can be particularly handy if you just want to save some info in a tool. Again here, the main benefit is not having to switch between multiple tabs and another big plus is that unlike with the Airtable Webflow Clipper where you can only send data to Airtable, you can actually configure where this data goes by setting up a zap inside of Zapier.

Modkit for Webflow

Modkit for Webflow was created by Webflow and solves a bunch of little problems that you designer occassionally have inside of Webflow. One of the key issues I always run into is accidently affecting elements on other pages when I might minor changes to class names. Modkit solves this issue by flashing an alert in the top right corner whenever changes you are making to your classes affect multiple elements across other pages.

Modkit also offers a bunch of additional little features that make the overall process of working in Webflow better.

Finsweet Scrollbar Extension

The Finsweet Scrollbar Extension solves a bit of a niche problem, which is styling (you can probably already guess...) your Scrollbar. One of the big appeals of using Webflow is the ability to customize your site pixel by pixel, but even the mighty Webflow has some limitations, and being able to style your Scrollbar is one of them. So, if you are looking for ways to take your website designs even further than definitely check out the Finsweet Scrollbar Extension.

Insights Prototype by Zapier

Insights by Zapier is a lot of ways similar to Push by Zapier and the Airtable Web Clipper with the main different being that you can actually configure what data gets pulled from a website and populates whatever tool you want to send that data too. A very common use case where Insights becomes super handy is lead sourcing. If you are using something like LinkedIn to find new leads or new staff, then you can preconfigure the Insights Prototype to automatically pull the relevant data from your prospects LinkedIn profile.

Refine Zapier

Refine by Zapier is a reasonably new Chrome extension. At this stage is mostly solves some UX issues when working inside of Zapier. For example when you have a large number of zaps sitting across multiple folders, it can be hard to go through each folder to find it, because Zapier doesn't have a way for you to search for individual zaps. This might not be an issue if you are working by yourself, but it becomes a huge pain when you are working in teams. Refine solves some of the UX issues and I think at this point teams working in Zapier will benefit from Refine Zapier immensly.


00:00 Overview

00:55 Webflow Color Picker Tool

01:22 Airtable Web Clipper

03:19 Push by Zapier

05:04 Modkit for Webflow

06:36 Finsweet Scrollbar Extension

07:20 Insights Prototype by Zapier

09:10 Refine Zapier

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