How to write Airtable Scripts (if you can't code)

Learn how to write Airtable scripts while we wait for Airtable Automations to native tools to automate with.

Airtable Automations is the future of No Code automation, but the currently biggest downside of Airtable Automations is the lack of native integrations.

There is however a way to you use Airtable Automations to send data to your favourite platforms like Webflow or Memberstack, and in today's video, I am going to show you a script that Aron from  @Automate All the Things  and I used to send data to Memberstack when a record moved into a special view inside of Airtable.

🤖 Code Snippet:

See the Pen Airtable Code Snippet by Connor Finlayson (@finlaysonconnor) on CodePen.



00:00 Intro
03:21 The Workflow in Zapier
04:49 Intro to Airtable Automations
05:55 Defining input variables
08:00 Pulling the Memberstack Table from Airtable and filtering the correct record
12:53 Sending the redirect URL to Memberstack

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