Need some advice or support with your project? Let's chat.

Hey! If you need personalized advice to launch your business, solve no-code issues, or create actionable strategies, I’m here to help. Each 45-minute session is tailored just for you and comes with a recording for future reference. Schedule your call today and let's start your journey towards business success together.

Why Do People Schedule Coaching Calls With Me?

Sometimes blog posts or YouTube tutorials aren't enough to solve your specific issues. People call me for personalized help with no-code bugs, business challenges, or guidance on starting a new business. On our coaching calls, I can:

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Help troubleshoot and fix bugs in your apps

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Share insights and lessons from my own business experiences

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Show you how I would approach starting your business

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How Do The Coaching Sessions Work?

These calls are all about you. Schedule a call, let me know in advance what you want to talk about, and if I think I can help, I’ll approve your booking.

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Schedule Your Call

Pick a time that works best for you

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Coaching Session

Our sessions are 45 minutes long and led by you. You ask the questions, and I provide the answers.

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Save The Recording

I record all the calls and share the recording with you, so you can download it if you want to revisit it.

Customer testimonials

"Connor is an absolute wizard of no-code automation and consultation, with a genuine warmth and expertise that sets him apart. When others doubted the feasibility of our complex projects, Connor found innovative no-code solutions that aligned perfectly with our goals, empowering us to maintain and update them in-house."


Co-Founder, Studio Tangible

"“Working with Connor Finlayson and taking his courses has been incredible. His expertise, practical approach, and dedication to student success have empowered me to create and innovate."


Founder, PÁIDIA Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of topics can we discuss during the session?

You can bring up anything related to launching and growing your marketplace business. We can discuss no-code tools, business strategies, overcoming technical challenges, or even how to validate your business idea. The session is tailored to your needs, so feel free to ask about anything you’re stuck on or curious about.

Is there any preparation required before the session?

Yes, to make the most out of our time together, it's helpful if you can send me an outline of what you want to discuss beforehand. This could include specific questions, challenges you're facing, or goals you want to achieve. This way, I can come prepared with the right insights and resources to help you effectively.

Can I get a recording of the session?

Absolutely! All sessions are recorded, and I'll provide you with a link to download the recording after our call. This way, you can revisit our discussion anytime you need a refresher.

Do you offer any packages or discounts for multiple sessions?

Yes, I do offer packages for multiple sessions at a discounted rate. If you're looking for ongoing support and guidance, a package can be a great way to save and ensure you have regular check-ins to keep your project on track. Contact me for more details about the packages available.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, within reason. If we can't solve the issue you provided during the session, I’m happy to discuss a refund or offer a recredit for another session. My goal is to ensure you leave each session with actionable insights and confidence to move forward with your project.

What if I need more than 45 minutes for my issues?

If you think you'll need more time, we can arrange for longer sessions. Just let me know in advance, and we can schedule additional time to make sure all your questions and concerns are thoroughly addressed.

Is there a limit to how many sessions I can book?

No, there’s no limit to how many sessions you can book. Whether you need just one session to get over a specific hurdle or ongoing support as you build your marketplace, I’m here to help as much or as little as you need.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Whether you're just starting out or looking to overcome specific challenges, I'm here to help you turn your ideas into reality. Let’s work together to build and grow your marketplace business.