Supercharge Your Webflow Landing Pages: Automatically Updating Webflow CMS Items (Part 2)

Supercharge Your Webflow Landing Pages: Automatically Updating Webflow CMS Items (Part 2)

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Connor Finlayson
May 9, 2023
Supercharge Your Webflow Landing Pages: Automatically Updating Webflow CMS Items (Part 2)

Welcome back to the continuation of our series on supercharging your landing pages! In the previous post, we explored how to leverage OpenAI's GPT-4 language model to automatically create Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, H1 and H2 headings for your landing pages.

Now, we're going to set up a workflow that automatically updates the Webflow CMS item whenever any of our titles have been created or updated. We'll go through the following steps: setting up a trigger in Airtable that monitors changes in select fields, and using an Airtable script to trigger a workflow in, which will handle updating our Webflow CMS items.

Part 1: Defining Our Trigger

The first thing we want to do is define a trigger in Airtable that runs our workflow whenever our record is "updated" in select fields. You can choose any fields to trigger this workflow, but I'm going to focus on fields generated in the previous workflow, such as "SEO Title," "Meta Description," and more.

The next step in our workflow will be to use an Airtable script to trigger a workflow in Let's take a look at the script we'll be using:

You might wonder why we trigger the workflow in Airtable Automations but run it in The main reason is flexibility— offers a user-friendly interface for managing workflows, especially for those who aren't code-savvy. Additionally, workflows can be reused in multiple triggers, such as Airtable Interfaces and other workflows. Airtable's triggers are also more robust, making it an appealing choice to fire the workflow.

Part 2: Setting Up the Workflow

Let's move on to setting up our workflow. Here are the steps involved:

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  1. Retrieve the Airtable record using the webhook payload.
  2. Update the corresponding Webflow CMS item with the latest information from Airtable.
  3. Confirm the successful completion of the workflow by storing a datestamp in the “Last CMS Update” field in Airtable

You can map any field from Airtable to Webflow, as the workflow will always retrieve the latest information. We'll be expanding on this workflow in a future video by automatically generating open graph images, so stay tuned!

Part 3: Recap

In summary, we've successfully set up a workflow to automatically update Webflow CMS items whenever our titles are created or updated in Airtable. By defining a trigger in Airtable and using a script to fire a workflow in, we've streamlined the process of keeping our landing pages up-to-date.

In the next video, we'll take it a step further by setting up a workflow that automatically generates custom open graph images for each landing page, enhancing your website's social media presence. Join us as we continue to explore ways to optimize your landing pages!

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