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How to build a marketplace without code

Learn how I created NZ's largest freelancer marketplace with no funding, no developers and no clue how to code. And once, you are done... start working on your own marketplace.

Tools of the trade

Build your website

Webflow is my website builder of choice. I'll be honest, it's the only one I ever tried and now probably the only I will ever use.

Monetize your platform

Memberstack is the tool I use to monetize Unicorn Factory. Integrates seamlessly with Stripe and Webflow, so its a no brainer.

Build your database

Airtable is a database where I record all records. That includes all freelancer applications, payments, client projects and more. Incredibly powerful.

Automate your workflows

Zapier is what glues all the tools I use together. They have a really easy to use interface and connects with over 1500+ apps.

Sync your data

Use Parabola to sync Data between all your platforms to make sure that all your data is accurate and up to date at all times


Jetboost gets honorable mention because its such an epic plug-in. You can filter and search large datasets with Jetboost.


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