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How to build a marketplace without code


The Tools

Build all pages

Webflow is my website builder of choice. I'll be honest, it's the only one I ever tried and now probably the only I will ever use.

Monetize your platform

Memberstack is the tool I use to monetize Unicorn Factory. Integrates seamlessly with Stripe and Webflow, so its a no brainer.

Build your database

Airtable is a database where I record all records. That includes all freelancer applications, payments, client projects and more. Incredibly powerful.

Automate your workflows

Zapier is what glues all the tools I use together. They have a really easy to use interface and connects with over 1500+ apps.

My favourite resources

If you are stuck, don't worry - there are heappppsss of great resources out on the Interwebs.

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