MVMP Pre-Launch

Learn how to build a pre-launch landing page in Webflow and set up workflows that will allow you to automate the process of getting pre-launch registrations into Airtable.

M1 - Landing Page

Build your landing page for your marketplace idea

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M2 - Customer Lead Gen Workflows

Set up a workflow for sending customer leads to your Airtable database

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M3 - Supplier Waitlist

Set up a workflow for signing up new suppliers to your marketplace

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Legacy MVMP

Find below all of the older MVMP content:

M1 - Overview

Before we get started...

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M2 - Building your prospecting database

How to build a prospecting database in Airtable and Zapier

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M3 - Build your Webflow Marketplace

How to design your marketplace in Webflow

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M4 - Marketplace Database Design

How to structure and build your database in Airtable

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M5 - Onboarding Workflows

How to send your Airtable Data to Webflow

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M6 - Marketplace Workflows

How to set up workflows for your marketplace

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M7 - Third-Party Tools

How to integrate third-party tools into your marketplace

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M8 - User Dashboards

How to build a user dashboard

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