Airtable Scripts. Where Code Meets No Code. 🚀

Learn how to use Airtable scripts to set up workflows between Airtable and your favourite No Code tools like Webflow without having to use any third-party automation tools.

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Save money on third party automation tools

If you are looking for a way to bring down your monthly No Code bill, then using Scripts is a great alternative to paying for third-party automation tools.

No coding background required

You don't need to know how to write Airtable scripts from scratch. We will get you started with our scripts and then show you how you can modify them.

Level up your No Code game

Learning how to code a little bit will allow you to break through a lot of limitations that you are bound to face when working with No Code tools.

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Learn from Aron & Connor

We started working on this little side project as Aron started helping me (Connor) set up basic workflows using Airtable Scripts. Airtable Scripts has been a game changer for me and Unicorn Factory, so I thought we would share what we learned along the way.

If you don't know us... Aron (with the beard) works at Airtable and runs his own YouTube channel called Automate All The Things, where he teaches no coders... well, how to automate all things.

I am Connor, I run Unicorn Factory which is a freelancer marketplace in New Zealand and in Canada. I also run my own YouTube channel, where I give away all of my No Code tricks.

What we are working on ...

Using Airtable to control your Webflow CMS

  • How to create new CMS items using Airtable scripts
  • How to update Webflow CMS items using buttons and webhooks
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  • How to delete Webflow CMS items using Airtable Scripts
  • How to update Webflow CMS items using Airtable Scripts
  • How to send Webflow form submissions to Airtable using Webhooks
  • How to send different field types to Webflow using Airtable Scripts

Sending data to third-party-APIs

  • How to use Airtable to send Mailersend emails
  • How to create images and banners with Bannerbear API
  • How to use Postman to read APIs

From Zapier to Airtable Scripts - Rebuilding workflows

  • Sending Webflow form submissions to Airtable and Mailerlite
  • Sending emails to your community with scripts and Mailersend

Copy & paste, watch our video, modify the script, hit publish.

All you need to do to get your workflows setup with Airtable Scripts is to copy and paste our scripts, watch our video, modify the code to fit your Airtable base and API, hit publish.

One might say this is easier than setting up an entire zap.

Get ready to take your Airtable game to the next level

We are just putting some finishing touches on our videos and code snippets. If you want to be notified as soon as we are launch, join the waitlist.

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